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Because we know how hard it is to plan and organise your next holiday, the Saint-Martin-de-Belleville resort has decided to make life easier for you by offering stays that can be refunded at no cost in the event of new travel restrictions or illness associated with COVID-19.

Cancel your accommodation at no cost

For all stays between 12 December 2020 and 16 April 2021 booked with Saint-Martin-de-Belleville Booking Service, you can cancel at no cost up to one week before the date of arrival, for a selection of products. See terms and conditions

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Cancel your ski lift pass at no cost

You will also be covered for your ski lift passes, which can be refunded all the way up to the day before your arrival date. See terms and conditions

Cancel skiing lessons and equipment hire at no cost

These terms and conditions for reimbursement also apply to any skiing lessons you have booked with ESF, with the guarantee applying up to the date of your intended arrival. Any equipment hire will also be refunded to you. See terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for cancelling at no cost

The reasons covered by this guarantee are:

  • Confinement/travel restrictions/month-long or fortnight-long quarantine imposed in your town or country of origin or in the Saint-Martin-de-Belleville resort
  • If the resort is closed for health reasons
  • If one of the people supposed to come on the trip becomes infected with COVID-19, you can cancel your booking at any time up to and including the day before your departure (providing you submit documentary evidence in the form of a medical certificate or positive test result)


  • Any requests for reimbursement where the grounds were known at the time of booking (confinement, closed borders, quarantine already in force in the country of origin, etc.) will be refused
  • Sales realised via tour operators, whose terms and conditions of sale will continue to apply

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