All invested for a mountain of fun

M. Cellard

Will the COVID-19 epidemic be over by this winter? Will we still need to respect social distancing guidelines?

To be ready for every possibility, the village of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville is putting in place a series of measures so that your holiday at the mountain is solely one of happiness and is an opportunity for you to recharge your batteries and have fun with your friends and family.

Ski in complete serenity

The practice of snow sliding sports is an outdoor practice, where the equipment (gloves, skis, ski poles...) favours social distancing measures. In certain public spaces, the capacity for visitors can be reduced. Wearing a mask is mandatory from the age of 11.

To get to the resort using public transport

  • Requirement to wear a mask on the quays and on the buses.

Ski lifts

  • Requirement to wear a mask in the queues and on the ski lifts.
  • Daily disinfection of touch zones.

At the rental equipment office

  • Requirement to wear a mask.
  • Disinfection of rented equipment.
  • Hand sanitiser available.

At the ski school

  • Requirement to wear a mask during gatherings at the start and end of the classes, both for the instructor and the students aged from 11 onwards.
  • In buildings and public spaces: requirement to wear a mask for people from the age of 11 and above, hand sanitiser available, disinfection of surfaces.
  • Disinfection of rented material (identity number, avalanche transceiver...).

In your accommodation and the Tourism Offices

  • Requirement to wear a mask in communal and closed areas.
  • Hand sanitiser available.
  • Disinfection of touch points and increased frequency of cleaning.

In bars and restaurants

  • Table service only.
  • Tables placed at least 1 metre apart or presence of a fixed or detachable partition ensuring physical separation.
  • Requirement for clients to wear a mask while moving around within the establishment.
  • Hand sanitiser available.
  • Disinfection of touch points and increased frequency of cleaning.

In shops and museums

  • Requirement to wear a mask.
  • Hand sanitiser available.
  • Disinfection of touch points and increased frequency of cleaning.

Make the most of the biggest skiing area in the world

Gateway to the biggest skiing area in the world - Les 3 Vallées - the village of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville provides access to 8 resorts, 600km of ski slopes, 160 lifts, 50,000 metres of vertical height fall, 57 footpaths, and some of the most symbolic peaks of the Alpes.

Enjoy the mountain in complete peace

Feeling like the only person in the world and making the most of the space, the wide ski slopes, the panoramas, the activities - all this is even easier if you choose to come during the "light blue" periods. But if you opt for a holiday during a "dark blue" period, no worries: we will all be there to point out to you our secret slopes off the beaten track.

Visiting rates per period

The lighter the colour, the quieter it is 😉

Visiting rate Period
40% to 50% 05/12-12/12
40% to 50% 12/12-19/12
51% to 74% 19/12-26/12
75% to 100% 26/12-02/01
40% to 50% 02/01-09/01
40% to 50% 09/01-16/01
40% to 50% 16/01-23/01
51% to 74% 23/01-30/01
51% to 74% 30/01-06/02
51% to 74% 06/02-13/02
75% to 100% 13/02-20/02
75% to 100% 20/02-27/02
75% to 100% 27/02-06/03
51% to 74% 06/03-13/03
51% to 74% 13/03-20/03
40% to 50% 20/03-27/03
51% to 74% 27/03-03/04
51% to 74% 03/04-10/04
40% to 50% 10/04-17/04
40% to 50% 17/04-24/04
40% to 50% 24/04-01/05

Our tips so you don't miss a thing

  • Ski guiding - discover the secret corners of the skiing area with an instructor
  • Ski in the morning on the sunny sector of La Masse and its 360° view
  • Glide down the blue ski slope Jérusalem and appreciate its peacefulness, its breath-taking scenery
  • Discover the Dame Blanche, more committed, and look down on the Vallon du Lou, untouched by tracks
  • Make the most of a better rate for your accommodation and up to 25% off packages (accommodation + packages offer) during the quieter periods

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