The village
OT Saint-Martin

More than a destination, Saint Martin de Belleville is a break and a breath, in the heart of nature, perfect for living the moment. It is an inheritance, a testimony, a sharing, made up of well-kept secrets and continued traditions. It is an experience, a journey, a revelation. With this deep-seated feeling, it's the evidence that you're not just there by chance.

Enter into the secret

To introduce you to this authentic Savoyard village, we could have talked about its bell tower, its narrow streets or even its stone-built farms. Or, maybe, its cosy accommodation, the old barns converted into restaurants and the concerts that bring life to the church. That's all true, but Saint Martin de Belleville is not a place you describe, but a place you feel. It's not about what we say, but rather, what we don't say.


In this village resort, at an altitude of 1450m, the keyword in summer is enjoyment. Enjoy totally unspoilt nature and landscapes, from Alpine meadows to high altitude forests. Enjoy an open air architectural heritage in the 22 hamlets, hidden in the valley like precious gems. Enjoy the events and activities scattered throughout the season in the village and the surrounding area. And spend your holiday "getting back to your roots".

And wings

In Saint Martin de Belleville, the call of the mountain is not just for hikers and mountain bikers. No, the call of the mountain is also the gentle buzz of the shows and artisan craft markets throughout the summer. Major chords can be heard in the church. Authentic flavours fill the high-altitude tables and the Michelin starred restaurant. Children's innocent laughter, filling the air. And then, silence, which we choose not to break, so that the magic can cast its spell.

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