Moutain of 4 seasons

The village
OT Saint-Martin

So what goes on in Saint-Martin after the snow has melted?

We're familiar with these sights in winter. But what are they like in spring, summer and autumn? As the snow disappears, we rediscover with amazement the long-forgotten landscape. Footpaths reappear, wildlife re-emerges, plants burst into life and the village awakens against a newly-decorated backdrop. Nobody will deny that each beautiful season has its own special appeal.

07-2019 Crossing the Encombres stream
11-2019 Autumn around the beehives
07-2019 A summer celebration in the village
08-2019 Tree-climbing with friends
08-2019 The village mountain bike trail
09-2019 Le Cochet in the autumn
08-2019 Flowers in bloom at Notre-Dame-de-la-Vie
07-2019 Saint-Martin in the summer light
06-2019 Burdin Mill on a sunny day
11-2019 Between autumn and the first snowfall
03-2020 The snow-covered village and bell tower
07-2018 A refreshing break under the bell tower

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