Waiting for winter

Snow and board sports
M. Cellard

You never need a holiday more than when you've just come back from one, right?

September is the month when people go back to work and school but also when our beautiful mountains begin their transformation in preparation for a new winter. As you return to work, what could be better than imagining yourself already on your next winter holiday?

Summer is ending in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville
Soon, the peaks will be white with the first snows
Relive the joy of your first steps in the powder
Take the Saint Martin Express to Tougnète
Take a break in a cosy chalet
The magic of a dog sled trip
Watch the sunrise from the snowy peaks
Brush up on your mountains
Admire the gorgeous snowy landscapes
Tuck into some traditional fare
Relax in a nice hot bath
A torchlit procession to end the day

©2020 V. Lottenberg (Saint-Martin-de-Belleville), D. André, M. Cellard, Hello Travelers

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