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Le Trait d'Union Refuge: a peaceful haven in Les 3 Vallées

27-03-2024 in Art of living

Nestled in the breathtaking panorama of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Le Trait d'Union refuge offers a unique retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We meet Viviane Hudry, the owner who manages Le Trait d'Union with passion and generosity. This timeless place tells a story of resilience and unconditional love for human connections and the mountain.

A place filled with emotions

Opened in December 2017, Le Trait d'Union is steeped in a rich history. It all started with a simple pile of stones bought by Viviane and her husband, aiming to build a facility that came to life in 2004. Initially a personal chalet, she describes the place as "a venue filled with a whole life of family, friendship, and love".

As years passed, and after this first phase filled with happy memories, now alone, Viviane decides "to open the place to people and through their energy to breathe life into it again". Transformed into a refuge, the space is dedicated to sharing and well-being, so every visitor can create their own memories.

Indeed, the very essence of the place is reflected in the name of this refuge. Viviane shares that "it's a link between the life before and now. It can be a bridge between me and people, between oneself and nature, and even between oneself and oneself."

A timeless interlude

Viviane explains that Le Trait d'Union is halfway between a rental chalet and a mountain refuge. With the help of Laurie, who aspires to become a refuge guardian, Le Trait d'Union opens its doors to hikers and those seeking a break in a secluded setting.

Located 200 meters from the ski slopes, the refuge is accessible by foot, ski, or snowshoes in winter or by 4x4 in summer, making it a true hidden gem. Equipped with a sauna and an outdoor Nordic bath, a sunny terrace, and a carefully furnished interior, the place is perfectly set up for disconnecting in the heart of the mountains.

Viviane and the art of hosting

Viviane describes her days filled with practical necessities and the desire to create a warm atmosphere. Whether braving the snow to supply the refuge or lovingly preparing meals and rooms for her guests, each day is a testament to her commitment to offering an unforgettable experience.

Once dinner is prepared and tomorrow's breakfast arranged, visitors are left to their own devices, entrusted with the refuge as a tranquil haven to create their own memories.

The authentic flavors of Savoy

The refuge offers authentic Savoyard cuisine with local specialties such as diots with crozets, blueberry pie, and the mysterious farçon (from a secret family recipe). Viviane works with local and artisanal products from Maison Rullier and concocts homemade recipes. At Le Trait d'Union, each dish is an invitation to discover the flavors of the region.

Spring and summer: focus on well-being

In May, June, and September, the refuge shifts its focus to hosting groups around well-being. Yoga, sophrology, naturopathy... the place is open to all sorts of practices that generate positive energies. Viviane takes pleasure in cooking in perfect harmony with the offered programs, explaining, "I like having a colorful and lively kitchen. A diet focused on living foods, raw ingredients, seasonal vegetables, vegetarian, and if possible without gluten and lactose."

During July and August, the refuge offers an idyllic setting for walkers wishing to make a stop in nature. The chalet becomes private and can accommodate up to 8 people.

More than just a refuge, Le Trait d'Union is an invitation to reconnect with the essentials, driven by Viviane's passion and her family's personal story. For those looking to escape, refocus, or simply experience a moment out of time, Le Trait d'Union offers a richly emotional experience.

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