There are many places to fish in the Vallée des Belleville: the Doron with 100km of riverbanks, perfect for trout, the 12 natural lakes where you’ll find Brown Trout or Arctic Char, and the 4 private lakes populated with Rainbow Trout. Fishing trips in various forms are organised by Jean-Chistophe.

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Rate(s) 1 day € 200
Information Fishing trip accompanied by an instructor guide, equipment and bait provided. From 9 years old.
Contact details +33 6 31 32 52 30
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Cartes de pêche

Rate(s) Private lakes :
Day lake: 12 €.
3 days: 30 €.

Public lake and Doron :
Savoie day pass: 14 €.
Savoie week pass: 33 €.
Information Places to buy fishing cards for private lakes: La Forgerine in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Le Setor, the Maison de la Montagne in Les Menuires and the Bruyères Tourist Office. To buy a fishing card for public lakes and areas: La Forgerine and Le Setor.
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