Sentier des Girauds

Explore the wide sunny plateaus in Les Menuires on this winter route. From the Brelin car park, follow the Balcon Bernadette until you reach the ‘Sentier des Girauds’ signpost. This route includes steep slopes, 25% in certain places. You can return on the Roc 1 cable car (you will require a ski or pedestrian pass).

Route details

Difficulty Difficult
Beaconing 8
Departure point Brelin district
Duration 05:00
Distance 9.6 km
Ascending elevation gain 400 m
Negative elevation gain 400 m
Min. altitude 1450 m
Maximum altitude 1850 m
Last update: 01-03-2021 2:57 PM

26-03-2023 4:15 PM Avalanche Control Plan is planned the morning of 27/03, in sectors,St Martin, La Masse, Combes et Mont de La Chambre Find out more