Sledge on rails in winter - La Mine

Come aboard La Mine, the new toboggan on rails that will transport you in a unique way. At the heart of the Vallée des Belleville lies a fascinating heritage, linked to the origins of the name "Menuires". 1000 m of downhill twists and turns... fasten your seatbelt!

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Sevabel - Remontées mécaniques

Rate(s) 1 round 9 €
5 rounds 38 €
10 rounds 57 €
Information Accessible to children from 5 years old and a minimum height of 1.10m on the parents' sled.
Contact details +33 4 79 00 62 75
Gare de la télécabine du Roc 1, Les Menuires, 73440 Les Belleville
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