When you love the mountains

Faced with the challenges of climate change, the resorts of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville and Les Menuires are fully committed to responsible action. As the first to be affected by global warming, we are working to protect the environment by stepping up our commitments.

How can we enjoy the mountains without ruining them?

The commitment to the environment made by Saint-Martin-de-Belleville and Les Menuires encourages us to reflect critically on the future of our mountains.

  1. What measures can we take to pro actively protect our natural ecosystems and habitats?
  2. How can we address the challenges posed by climate change?
  3. What strategies can be used to reduce the environmental impact of tourist-related activities in our valleys, while promoting sustainable development?

Below we set out some of the measures we have introduced in our effort to address these vitally important questions.

Reducing our carbon footprint

The vallée des Belleville has set up a climate observatory. This genuine outdoor laboratory provides researchers with the opportunity to study climate change on the ground.

Working and "living together"

In our resorts, we strongly believe that the people who welcome and support our visitors, also deserve to receive a warm welcome. To help our seasonal employees fully integrate and ensure they enjoy optimal working conditions, we provide both professional and personal support.

  1. A guide published by the Maison des Saisonniers to support workers in their personal and professional lives, and help them manage their employment schedule in the Tarentaise Valley.
  2. Housing provision for seasonal workers and access to education for their children.
  3. Support for local youngsters to help them gain relevant qualifications.
  4. Access for disadvantaged individuals or people with disabilities so they too can enjoy the pleasures of the snow.

Clean energy to protect our mountains

As part of our commitment to renewable energy transition and sustainable growth, we aim to reduce greenhouse gases, optimize energy consumption and promote the development of renewable energy sources.

  1. Use of renewal energy (hydroelectricity) to power our ski lifts.
  2. Promoting eco-driving techniques to our ski operation teams.
  3. Offering local support for energy retrofit projects in our villages.
  4. Encouraging alternative modes of transport, including sustainable and eco-friendly transport, and providing EV charging infrastructure.

Protecting our mountains' rich biodiversity

We are working to monitor, protect and foster local flora and fauna in our region. Tourists, as well as valley residents and various stakeholders, are actively involved in protecting our natural environment.

  1. Our Local Biodiversity Guide (Atlas de la Biodiversité Communale - ABC).
  2. The creation of wildlife corridors within our ski area to allow for easier species movement.
  3. Initiatives designed to conserve plant and animal biodiversity.
  4. Our "Friendly Natural Park" approved educational trails.

Water, an essential resource for our valleys

Water is carefully preserved to ensure snow cover on our slopes. Artificial snow is only used where needed and water withdrawal from reservoirs is restricted during periods of low water levels. When it comes to supplies of drinking water, our brand-new treatment facility uses eco-friendly methods.

  1. Seasonal management of water resources.
  2. Compliance since 2017 with a scheme to reconcile water uses.
  3. Use of technology to improve snow grooming operations.
  4. Introduction of an economical, eco-friendly filtration system for drinking water.

Our labels and associations

In 2022, the Vallée des Belleville was awarded the Flocon Vert label, in recognition of its commitment to sustainable practices in the mountain tourism sector.

The Esprit Parc National label promotes local, organic products (honey, dairy products), handicrafts as well as guided tours by the Mountain Guides Office, restaurants etc.

SEVABEL, the company operating our resort ski lifts, is approved by the BIOM label. This COP21 accredited certification assesses a business's social, environmental and economic (CSR) concerns and initiatives.

To find out more about our commitment to climate change

If you want to find out more about the initiatives adopted by Saint-Martin-de-Belleville and Les Menuires, our white book ('livre blanc') provides further information about the subjects outlined above, as well as other actions promoting the social fabric, economic health and biodiversity of our resorts.

You can also find out about sustainable initiatives adopted by Les Belleville at a more local level.

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