Discovery of a mountain pasture at nightfall

Lucie Suchet, great-granddaughter of Nicolas Jay, takes you on a scenic adventure across our mountain pasture to admire a winter landscape that’ll take your breath away as you learn how we live in the summer months. The entire tour is by torchlight. You’ll be able to round off your visit by tasting our farm cheeses, made with a passion for this ancestral expertise, and accompanied by courtesy drinks.

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Chez Pépé Nicolas

Rate(s) 18 € adult
10 € child under 13 years old
Information Duration: 1h15. Every Tuesday at 6 pm. Tours in French only. Not recommended for children under the age of 10 years.
Contact details +33 6 09 45 28 35
Piste de la Chasse, Les Menuires, 73440 Les Belleville
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