V. Lottenberg

5 activities for an alternative way of exploring Saint-Martin-de-Belleville

26-10-2023 in Heritage

Nestling in the heart of the 3 Vallées, the village of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville has a few surprises in store for those who take the time to explore.

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville invites you with open arms to discover its authentic atmosphere, the architectural heritage of Savoie and the local way of life... in whichever way takes your fancy. But to really get a feel for the spirit of this secret village, we recommend you go off the beaten track! Here are 5 activities for an alternative way of exploring Saint-Martin-de-Belleville.

Travel back in time at the Museum

Hidden in one of the village's picturesque little streets, this museum beckons you to learn about the local history. Prepare to travel through time. The Museum of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville occupies an old Savoie farmhouse and retraces the history of the valley and its evolution over time. From 1860 to the 1950s, the first ski resorts began to flourish, transforming the mountain landscape. But do you really know just how much? And above all, how did the village of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville remain so authentic with the passage of time?

From the basement to the third floor, learn from the fascinating stories of the local residents and the resort's pioneers. During your visit you'll get to know the Belleville people from yesteryear to today and become familiar with their traditions, customs and occupations. A fabulous way to learn about the history of this typical mountain village. Plan now for your visit to the museum, with your partner, family or friends.

Follow the heritage trail

Your exploration of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville continues with the village's traditional built heritage. Take the time to stroll around and enjoy a few surprises. Need guidance? Follow the heritage trail to see some real historic gems. Map in hand, you can cover the 11-stage itinerary independently and at your own pace. Each stop along the way is another chance to soak up even more of the peaceful atmosphere of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville.

On every street corner there's a chalet built of stone and wood, a typical architectural feature of Savoie, to remind us that this truly is the heart of the Vallée des Belleville. But the story behind this mountain spirit is also about hard work and traditions, as we can see from the washhouse, the cheese dairy, the communal oven and the Lachenal hotel.

Get together at a pop-up bar

Why not take a break during your exploration of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville? Enjoy an amazing experience at one of the pop-up bars that liven up the village in a spirit of togetherness. On four dates during the winter, when the ski season is in full swing, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville buzzes with a warm and friendly atmosphere, great food included.

Make the most of the here and now as you discover the true spirit of this village. The programme includes tastings of amazing dishes like oysters and champagne, local products, chocolates and more, all against a backdrop of artistic and musical performances.

Visit the village by torchlight

Think you've finished exploring Saint-Martin-de-Belleville? Make the experience last a little longer! In an intimate setting and in the company of a guide from FACIM (foundation for international cultural action in the mountains). For this guided tour, you'll walk through the narrow streets of the village by the light of the moon and the soft glow of your torch.

Here's your chance to take the family exploring the mysterious corners of picturesque Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, against the impressive backdrop of the majestic Baroque church that towers over the village. Remember to sign up in advance at the Tourist Office (€5 per person). Join us at 5.30pm for this night-time adventure under the enchanting light of torches.

Attend a concert in the church

While walking in the village, you've probably stopped to admire the church of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville. If you've stepped inside, you'll certainly have been dazzled by its sublime Baroque interior. So now that you've contemplated it with your eyes, try experiencing it again, through your ears!

Inside the church of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, classical music, jazz and sounds from around the world are all enhanced by the outstanding acoustics. As evening falls, the village's centrepiece monument becomes a magical venue where music takes you on a journey. Each instrument seems to dialogue with the ancient vaults and the 17th-century sculpted altarpiece. Do not miss the Belleville musical events. Experience timelessness, at 6pm every other Monday from 1 January 2024. For your comfort, you will be provided with a plaid and tea will be served after the concert.

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