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Mountain-bike rentals

If you want to hurtle down the slope on a mountain bike or, on the contrary, climb it on an Ebike, you'll find what you need at our bike rental outlets. Go on, give it a try for a whole new mountain experience.

Mountain bikes and mountain Ebikes

On a mountain bike, with or without electrical assistance, you can explore all the way up the mountain, and down again. With 40 trails covering a total of 321km and an elevation range of no less than 1,400 metres, the possibilities are endless.

Mountain bike lessons

The Vallée des Belleville guides bureau proposes beginner mountain bike lessons for children. After this course of three lessons, your child will truly be a biker in the making.

Guided mountain-bike and E-bike excursions

Go mountain-biking, with or without electrical assistance, in the company of a local guide. The guides know the Valley like the back of their hand and their expertise will ensure you progress to the best mountain-biking trails.

DH4 - Giraud downhill mountain bike route

Downhill mountain bike route, perfect for a gentle introduction to the sport. In the middle of the route, you can access the Saint-Martin ski lifts along the ‘DH1 - Easy Rider’’. ⚠️ During the summer of 2021, the lower part of the DH4 runway is closed to the public due to construction work. It is possible to continue the descent towards Saint-Martin by taking the DH1 runway.

XC1 - Saint-Martin au Châtelard mountain bike route

This route is a loop around Doron des Belleville. It is ideal for exploring the area around Saint Martin-des-Belleville. The very easy route is a perfect introduction to cross-country mountain bike riding for families.

Flo Arthus

Flo Arthus, a professional sportsman from the Belleville Valley, offers mountain bike coaching and lessons with different formulas: discovery of the 3 Valley, technical coaching, epicurian day, downhill and enduro initiation, clubs workshop, girly day...

DH7 - Roc'N Bike

3.9km long, with an overall drop of 500m, this downhill mountain bike track includes enduro style banked turns, or berms, jumps and slope. A fun and challenging ride.

Downhill scooters and E-scooters

On an off-road downhill or electric scooter, explore the paths and enjoy the scenery, with or without a guide. With a downhill scooter you’ll follow the same trails as downhill mountain bikers. On an E-scooter, you can choose from a variety of trails for all levels.

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville Ski Resort

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Activities and outings

Spend your holiday experiencing life in a small mountain village. Explore the narrow streets, visit a bar or restaurant to warm up and try a typical Savoie dish. Buy cheese at a mountain farm and enjoy a concert at the end of the day.


In both summer and winter, come and feel the rhythm at the big musical, sporting and comedy events in Saint-Martin and the Vallée des Belleville. From the MTB French Cup to traditional village fetes, there’s something for everyone.

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