Virtual reality

Embark on an incredible journey into the virtual world at VR Studio 1850. Slip on the goggles and, depending on the chosen experience, become the hero of an extraordinary adventure. Solve a mystery, face an enemy, visit one of the world's highest peaks, dive into the human body, or bring your drawings to life. All of this is possible by stepping through the doors of VR Studio 1850.

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VR Studio 1850

Rate(s) 1 session: from €15 per person
Information Privatisations, birthdays, business events. Bar with snacks and drinks, book and gift shop. Individuals or groups, beginners to advanced. From 8 years upwards.
Contact details +33 7 66 77 46 32
Galerie de la Croisette, Immeuble l'Oisans, Les Menuires, 73440 Les Belleville
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Summer lifts opening from 6 July to 30 August 2024. Find out more