10 safety tips before hitting the slopes

Snowy, wide-open spaces await you and we completely understand that you can’t wait to put your skis back on! However, it may be a little while since you last skied and we are here to remind you of a few tips, so that skiing remains pleasurable

1. In terms of equipment?

Before heading out, make sure everything is functional, which means checking that your helmet and bindings fit well. And if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to have them checked by a professional.

2. What about the weather?

Before leaving, check the weather, the amount of snow and the avalanche risk for that day. If weather is bad, stay on nearby slopes. The Trois Vallées connecting lifts may be closed if there is too much wind or a snowstorm.

3. Physical preparation

Skiing is a sport! And like all sports, you will be using muscles that you don't necessarily use day to day. So, remember to warm up before putting on your skis and go easy on the first day.

4. Which slope should I choose?

Choose according to your own capacity and adapt your speed to your fitness level to make sure you can break in an urgent situation if needed.

5. Priority to the right?

We can never repeat this often enough: skiers ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to anticipate their direction changes, so as to not get in their way and avoid any collisions.

6. Path

For everyone's safety, try not to cut across the path of other skiers, even when you want to join a slope or cross over one. Always look around you to see from which direction the skiers are coming from.

7. And to stop?

To reach the rest of your skiing group or to take a break, stop in a strategic spot, one that is at the edge of the slope and visible to skiers coming toward it. Avoid stopping just after a bump in the slope or in narrow spots.

8. What to do in the event of an accident?

If you witness an accident, call the rescue services and provide assistance if needed. Without moving the injured person, safeguard the area to prevent further accidents by making sure it is visible to other skiers. If it isn't visible, stick your skis in the snow in an upright cross upstream from the area where the accident occurred. Stay with the injured person and remember to protect them from the cold.

9. Need a lesson?

If you don't feel very comfortable on skis, we recommend you take a class with an instructor. They will give you some key tips to keep control of your skis and your speed and thus have more fun on the slopes.

10. Outdo yourself, but not too much

And finally, a last but not the least most important tip: To enjoy the day, you need to know your limits. It's good to push yourself in order to progress, but you also have to watch out for fatigue. When you are exhausted, it is more difficult to control your speed. Don't hesitate to take regular breaks to make the most out of the rest of your holiday.

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